Orographic Precipitation Studies
of the
Cascade Mountains of Washington

Modeling Studies, 2010

December 1-31, 2001
Mild wet winter month

More in depth analysis will be conducted for two major storm periods of December 2001 from the 1st through the 5th and from the 13th through the 18th. The main focus will be on storm structure and precipitation mechanisms and links with cold-air pooling. Figure 26 shows an animation of the end of the second major storm period followed by a cold air invasion from the east which will be investigated more as well.

Figure 26. MM5 Domain #2 (6 km grid) December 17-20, 2001. Cloud water is white, Rain water is blue, snow is yellow and graupel is green.

Simulations for two more one month periods are also planned. These will be a spring period with little temperature contrast, and a winter period with a large temperature contrast accross the mountains.

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